Mission: Space Food

Redefining the multisensory pleasure of food in space.

Our Story

Mission: Space Food is a food innovation laboratory inspired by space exploration.

At MSF, we are taking the art and science of food to the next level. The constraints of space travel and microgravity provide an ideal design framework for unique flavor experiences. Driven by our ground-breaking food science innovations in space, MSF’s healthy-by-design approach to the pleasures of eating, combines climate-conscious ingredients and novel packaging, with experiential solutions, for a healthier, more sustainable global food industry on Earth.

Our team of space engineers, classically-trained chefs, multisensory designers, and astronauts, are leveraging the most recent insights from the emerging scientific field of Gastrophysics.

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What We Do

In the wake of the 21st century, humans inevitably start looking into their long-term future as a spacefaring civilization. One of the pillars of human life, eating, becomes an increasingly important field of multidisciplinary innovation to be able to support life outside of Earth.

Simultaneously, human society wakes up to the fact that the current food system is deeply flawed, becoming the main contributor to climate change and ecosystem degradation, putting all life under existential risk.

In preparation of missions to set a base on Earth’s moon, the first human interplanetary mission to Mars, and the rise of Space Tourism, the International Space Station (ISS) serves as a platform to prototype the most efficient food systems and meals in microgravity that are both delicious, resource-efficient, nutritious, and sustainable.

By re-imagining astronaut food on the ISS, Mission: Space Food creates eating experiences that have the potential to address public health and ecological constraints on earth, seeding the eating rituals and flavours for centuries to come.

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