Mission: Space Food

Combining Space and Food Science Technology with Experiential Design to Fuel Cosmic Exploration.

Our Story

Mission: Space Food is a consortium of space, food and technology experts creating an integrative approach to human nutrition in space.

Powered by Aleph Farm’s technology platform and Astrea’s culinary and engineering expertise, we design new space foods to help astronauts thrive in space.

Mission: Space Food engineers food products and production systems that redefine the multisensory pleasure of food in space and create infrastructure for deep-space exploration.

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What We Do

Access to fresh food is a key obstacle to deep space exploration and human colonization. It limits how far away from Earth we can travel and how long we can stay in space while also impacting the astronaut's mental and physiological health.

By re-imagining astronaut food on the ISS, Mission: Space Food creates sustainable, hedonic eating experiences to address the public health and ecological constraints on earth, seeding the eating rituals and flavours for centuries to come.

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